About Barry Alter

As the co-owner and General Manager of Lausanne, Switzerland’s Lausanne Hockey Club, Barry Alter brings a diversified entrepreneurial history to his work, as well as a lifelong connection to professional ice hockey. Assuming co-ownership in 2007, Barry Alter has directed the team to considerable successes since then, with four consecutive appearances in the Swiss National League B finals, which resulted in two championship titles. With the recent defeat of EHC Viège in a best-of-five quarterfinal matchup, HC Lausanne will soon play in the best-of-seven semifinals as the 2012-2013 NLB playoff season comes to an end.

Barry Alter began his role with HC Lausanne after more than 20 years in venture capital, management consulting, consumer electronics, food distribution, and other industries, during which time he earned a number of key achievements in the United States and his native Canada. A former professional ice hockey center, Mr. Alter spent the first years of his career playing for teams in the European Hockey League, as well as the Baltimore Clippers, a team in the now-defunct Eastern Hockey League.


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